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lost soul
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39 عام

Looking for simple Muslim Sister for marriage, who committed to follow the path of deen

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Soon there will come a time when the best wealth a Muslim will have will be sheep which he will take to the mountaintops and places where rain falls, fleeing for the sake of his religious commitment from tribulation.” I am a Simple person , not a perfect person, made many mistakes in my life. I am searching someone who willing to live in remote hill site, I am planning to bought some small land far from this godless cities and start my life there with my future beloved wife and family, where we together we live near to the Allah Nature.where we not buy and eat acidic food like cities, but grow our own healthy food, where our children eat original foods which we grow in our own land. where we dont have swimming p ..

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37 عام

man seeking women

I am Simple person ,not a perfect person , made many mistake in my life ooking for some one simple . some one who hurt from others and forgive in next moment . some one who remind Allah , some one need me as good Muslim Husband, Some one wake me in Fajr if i didnt wake up ,Some one who do not like this fake materialistic life of big cities, some one who love to live natural life, some one say shuker in every situation , if problems comes on us . say , we belong to Allah , and we will go back to Allah. some one who search for deen with me , to make our faith strong, to discover the sign of Allah which are very visible front of every one , and try to show others to open there eyes in this last edge . Some one says about women , Allah create human beautiful way and in Human most beautiful cr ..

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52 عام

Man seeking woman

My name is Amin Gul. I am a practicing Muslim married man of 52. I have 5 kid living with me. I am graduate, working as Assistant in a public sector office. Financially I am not a well off person. I earn amount equal to 250 USD per month. rnI am a caring, passionate, and easy going person. I love sincere, honest and straight forward people. I love nature, walking, watching sports, and TV dramas. I am looking a woman for marriage from abroad who can 100% financially support me in relocating with her for marriage. ..

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33 عام

Searching for the owner of my life...

I am Mian Faisal from Pakistan. Simple, God fearing, positive and down to earth. I am looking for some nice friends and a nice girl to get marry. I woun't reply you if your text contain any email adress. So scammers stay away to my profile and dont waste your and my time. I dislike liers and materialistics. rn=rnInterests: Books, Computers, Writing poetry, Travelling, Internetrn=rnProfession: Auditor & Farmerrn=rnThanks for your time. ..

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31 عام

وتس اب رقم ( سيفر خمسة خمستة تنين سبغه سيته تلاته واخد اربغه تيسغه

im most ronantic and always talking true m Good person and im like helping with people my whatsupp no ( zero five five two seven six three one four nine ) ( وتس اب رقم ( سيفر خمسة خمستة تنين سبغه سيته تلاته واخد اربغه تيسغه ..

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18 عام


about me and my love about me and my love about me and my love about me and my love about me and my love about me and my love about me and my love about me and my love ..

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32 عام

Looking for a life partner

My name is Assad Mahmood. I belong to Pakistan. Currently residing and doing job in Saudi Arabia. I am looking for a life partner. ..

muhammad naeem
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49 عام

Man seeking a girl for marriage

I live in a joint family. I am looking for a sincere and supportive life partner. ..

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68 عام

man seeking woman for marriage

Am doctor kevin christopher and am looking for a strong love to lead to marriage ..

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36 عام

contact me at rehaja fbook ..

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