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33 عام

woman seeking for men for marriage

Im a lady of few words especially when it comes to describing my self in words. Im an easy going, down to earth simple person who loves to be surrounded by family, friends and everyone with no deception. Im 33 years old... single, never married before nor have children, like going to the park to relax and take some fresh air, like skating, bowling, swimming, reading, going to the movies, cooking and doing house chores. I dislike lies, cheats, dishonesty, and players ... ..

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31 عام

iأنا امرأة صادقة ورعاية وعميقة رومانسية الله خوفا من شخص أريد الزواج

أنا بسيط وصادق ورعاية وعميقة رومانسية الله خوفا. أحب أن أكون واضحًا في أي شيء أفعله وأركز على هدفي. أحب الذهاب إلى الشاطئ والسفر والاستماع إلى الموسيقى الجيدة ومشاهدة الأفلام والطهي وإجراء محادثات جيدة واستكشاف كل ما تقدمه الحياة. ..

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24 عام


I love like a guy who’s witty, sarcastic, funny, but most of all, genuine. I’d like to have a family someday so a man who likes kids is a must! But enough about me, what’s your story? to laugh, but who doesn’t? ..

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35 عام

woman seeking man for dating

Im easygoing lady who love to make friends around the world and you can also reach me out through my whatsapp if i am not online. Here is my whatsapp contact +447448963805 ..

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37 عام

womam seeking for a responsible man

am a woman from Indonesia. I look forward to meeting a responsible and honest man ..

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24 عام

Love must conquer

Im someone who believed that real love exist ..

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45 عام

looking for man

looking for trust person and honest ..

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