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42 عام

serious relationship

Its not really easy to describe my personality and my life in couple of words, but I will try to give you an idea about meWink Very important to be honest and sincere with each other from beginning, and I hope that when you will write me, you will pay attention on thisWink I am an intelligent, sensitive well educated, elegant, loving woman, with strong family values, belief in good and always optimistic mood. I dont think, that I am unique in desire not to be lonely, so, my main goal here- is to find my love. ..

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36 عام

lady on trust and love

I am a nice and simple lady that have so much love for children and fear of GOD and i believe that i will find someone that i will love and respect for the rest of my life, someone that i can call my own that i will give all my life and he will take good care of me and love me for who i am and not for what i am and i promise that we will fly without wings ..

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43 عام


I like to laugh but I take life seriously I am shy and I like to pamper and be pampered where I want to start a new life I expect to find a serious relationship with a man who still believes in love. ..

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29 عام


Sense of humor, pure asian boy, foreign language lover Sense of humor, pure asian boy, foreign language lover ..

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28 عام

woman seeking man for marriage

Am a cool calm woman 28 years old graduate nurse never married and no kids. ..

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52 عام

Marriage, long term relationship

Ask me anything you want to know and i promise to tell you ..

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23 عام


am unique ..

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